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Chuck Eye Roast
Slow, moist cooking is best for this roast because it can be slightly tough. Can also marinate and use for kabobs.
Eye of Round Roast
An economical cut that can be slightly tough and dry. A great dollar-stretcher that can be prepared in the slow cooker or braised for optimum flavor.
Mock Tender Roast
Economical and flavorful cut with rich, beefy flavor. Comes completely trimmed, easy to carve. Best prepared in dry heat methods.
Shoulder Clod Roast
A flavorful and less tender cut from the heart of the shoulder clod, the shoulder clod roast is an economical cut.

Shoulder Center Steak
A center cut steak from the boneless chuck shoulder; usually cut no thicker than 1 inch, weighs 10 oz. or less, and is trimmed of fat. Very flavorful and lean. Best marinated.
Sirloin Tip Side Steak
Steaks cut from the side of the sirloin tip. Excess fat has been trimmed. A very lean steak.
Top Round London Broil
An economical and full-flavored cut that is packed with vitamins and minerals. For best eating, slice very thinly.
Flank Steak
Lean and very flavorful; primarily used for fajitas and should be sliced thin against the grain. Best marinated before roasting or grilling.